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The Pedagogy

The Academic Foundation

Because it is important for our students to be able to evolve in all subjects, we guarantee the learning of the fundamental knowledge in correlation with the National Education System based in France. The learning of these subjects (language, mathematics) is done through innovative and positive pedagogies, which make the student the actor of his learning and encourages him to elaborate creative solutions.

In the Children's House (2.5-6 years old), the program worked on, thanks to the material proposed by Maria Montessori, allows, according to the maturity of the child, to go beyond the expectations of the National Education (reading in Kindergarten/Year 1, addition and subtraction up to a thousand...).

In the Elementary Class (6-11 years old), Montessori materials are still very present, but the teachers also use other pedagogical tools that allow for work in small groups, presentations or initiation to research, so that the students develop autonomy and perseverance, and easily acquire the fundamental requirements.

Bilingualism Through Immersion

The children experience a bilingual education on a daily basis through contact with French and English-speaking teachers, who are present in the classroom all day.

This situation allows the children to discover two languages through immersion. It is not a matter of teaching English or French, but of teaching in English and French. The child practices the language and its culture in contact with native English-speaking teachers and native French-speaking teachers. This linguistic and cultural immersion places the child in a permanent learning situation, during the lessons themselves, but also in the many other contexts of everyday life that he or she will encounter.

This allows them to acquire a real practice of the language, to understand without difficulty and to express themselves. Immersion in the class allows for the growth of bilingualism in speaking and writing.

Innovative & Positive Pedagogies

In the Children's House (2.5-6 years old), all teachers are Montessori trained and certified and all our classes have Montessori material adapted to the age of the children. These materials allow the child to learn spontaneously and naturally through manipulation of the activities. Each object or material provided is related to a particular skill, transmitting information to the child and inviting them to move from the physical interaction to the abstract thinking. The Montessori material made to be "self-correcting", it allows the child to evolve, experiment and learn independently with the support of the teachers. In addition, the mix of ages encourages mutual aid and develops cooperation between children.

In the Elementary school (6-11 years old), all of our teachers are certified (National Education Certification of France for French-speaking children, and a qualified teacher for English-speaking children). Montessori material is always present, and teachers introduce new concepts in small groups, which the children will practice (especially in math and French). The teachers deploy other pedagogical tools that allow the student to be the actor of his learning and to activate his autonomy. Group work and projects also help activate autonomy and develop cooperation and confidence in the subjects studied.

Positive pedagogy is deployed at all levels of the school and is based on work in positive psychology, affective and social neuroscience. The overall aim is to familiarize children with their emotions, to allow them to verbalize them and to follow a learning evolution scheme in light of the needs of each age. This pedagogy aims to put in place the necessary tools to encourage attention and concentration.

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