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After-School activities
at Wi School Courbevoie Centre

Pari-Grandir, a bilingual edutainment centre, welcomes children:

  • every school evening
  • all day on Wednesdays
  • during school holidays

From 16:00 until 19:00, high-quality bilingual entertaining educational activities are then offered to the children, revolving around cultural, sporting and artistic programmes.
Families can collect their children at any time.

On Wednesdays, when school is closed, Pari-Grandir organises “Happy Wednesdays“, for children arriving between 8am and 9:30am, and provides activities until 19:00. Families choose the options that suits them best!

During the school holidays, Pari-Grandir also provides tailor-made cultural, sporting and artistic programmes at our school, always in a bilingual environment.

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  • At Wi School Courbevoie Centre
    104 Avenue de la République, 92400 Courbevoie

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