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Wi School Courbevoie Mairie

Open House on April 27th, 2024! 🏫

Drop by anytime between 10am and 12pm. Explore our elementary school, meet our dedicated team, and discover the exceptional learning environment we have to offer.

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Like all the schools within the network, Wi School Courbevoie Mairie offers full immersion in a bilingual environment, with two languages (French/English) available to children on a daily basis.

Wi School Courbevoie Mairie provides education that promotes the individuality and potential of all children, opening up a world of opportunities to them. In a bilingual, innovative and caring environment, children blossom thanks to teaching methods focused on the development of their skills and their well-being.

Wi School Courbevoie Mairie is inspired by a number of teaching methods and has all the Montessori equipment required for primary school. The team is made up of qualified teachers who are constantly seeking to improve their teaching methods in order to provide children with a learning environment that is conducive to their development. The Montessori material is always there, and the teachers, drawing on their diverse experience, also develop other teaching methods and tools in order to best meet the students’ learning goals. One of the principles of the Montessori pedagogy that is also applied in primary school is the mixing of age groups. This promotes collaboration, communication and a sense of belonging. Younger students are inspired to learn by observing older students and imitating them. Older students can help younger ones. We learn a lot when we can explain things to someone else. Moreover, it gives students a sense of responsibility and it’s truly rewarding! Thus, mixing age groups promotes communication, mutual support, collaboration and a sense of belonging.

The bilingual environment offers full immersion, with a native English-speaking teacher, a French-speaking teacher and one assistant in each classroom.

Organised in multi-age classes and with a high student-teacher ratio, we offer personalised teaching and individual monitoring of each student’s progress.

You have the opportunity to schedule an in-person appointment for a personalized tour of our campus and a face-to-face meeting with our school director. Alternatively, you can opt for a convenient video conference call with the director or an information call.  Feel free to reach out and get in touch with us!

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School hours

Classes are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:15am to 16:15 during school terms.

Our trusted partner, Pari-Grandir, provides childcare at our facilities, every school evening from 16:30, and all day on Wednesdays.

Pari-Grandir, a bilingual edutainment centre, provides after-school activities from 16:30 until 19:00.  High-quality bilingual entertaining educational activities are then offered to the children, revolving around cultural, sporting and artistic programmes.
Families can collect their children at any time.

On Wednesdays, when school is closed, Pari-Grandir organises “Happy Wednesdays”, for children arriving between 8am and 9:30am, and provides activities until 19:00. Families choose the options that suits them best!

During the school holidays, Pari-Grandir also provides tailor-made cultural, sporting and artistic programmes at our school, always in a bilingual environment.

How old are the students at Wi School Courbevoie Mairie?

  • The school welcomes students aged from 2 to 11.

Where to find Wi School Courbevoie Mairie?

Fees (per year)

Admission fees

€600 for the 1st year

School fees

Primary school – New students: €9,900

Primary school – Re-enrolment: €8,800

School canteen

Tray rate: €1,340