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Wi School Montholon-Paris 9th

Founded in 2008 with the ambition of offering high quality bilingual education in Paris, Wi School Montholon-Paris 9th is the oldest school in the Wi School network.

Its founder, a former lawyer living in an international environment, was keen to develop the school’s educational project around three principles: the guarantee of learning the fundamentals in line with the French National Education curriculum, the bilingual immersion approach and the application of active teaching methods, such as the Montessori pedagogy. To achieve this, the members of the educational team have completed demanding training courses in the latest developments in education: in the United States: Head of School training at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; in France: certifications in Education Sciences, in Montessori, in Positive Pedagogy, in Institutional Pedagogy, etc.

At all levels, students are offered a full bilingual environment, thanks to native teachers who are passionate about education.

At the Children’s House (from 2.5 to 6 years old), the attentive and empathetic educational team uses the Montessori teaching methods.

All the Montessori materials are gradually introduced to the children so that they can use them and develop their knowledge and fundamental skills at their own pace. Handling this material, along with activities and practical experiments, enables the students to develop abstract thinking, having grasped the notion of concepts.

By developing their self-confidence and their trust in the group that supports them, the children also learn skills that are essential for living in a group.

In primary school, the Montessori material is always there, and the teachers, drawing on their diverse experience, also develop other teaching methods and tools in order to best meet the students’ learning goals. One of the principles of the Montessori pedagogy that is also applied in primary school is the mixing of age groups. This promotes collaboration, communication and a sense of belonging. Younger students are inspired to learn by observing older students and imitating them. Older students can help younger ones. This helps to train them and makes them more responsible. We learn a lot when we can explain things to someone else. Moreover, it’s rewarding!

Thus, mixing age groups promotes communication, mutual support, collaboration and a sense of belonging.

Would you like to know more about our alumni?

Wi School’s former students have joined prestigious institutions, including International Sections of several public schools or schools under contract in Paris and the Paris region, international secondary schools, private bilingual schools and famous schools such as the Ecole Alsacienne.

School hours

Classes are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:20am to 16:20 during school terms.

Our trusted partner, Pari-Grandir, provides childcare at our facilities, every school evening from 16:30, and all day on Wednesdays.

Pari-Grandir, a bilingual edutainment centre, provides after-school activities from 16:30 until 19:00.  High-quality bilingual entertaining educational activities are then offered to the children, revolving around cultural, sporting and artistic programmes.
Families can collect their children at any time.

On Wednesdays, when school is closed, Pari-Grandir organises “Happy Wednesdays”, for children arriving between 8am and 9:30am, and provides activities until 19:00. Families choose the options that suits them best!

During the school holidays, Pari-Grandir also provides tailor-made cultural, sporting and artistic programmes at our school, always in a bilingual environment.

How old are the students at Wi School Montholon-Paris 9th?

  • The Children’s House welcomes students aged from 2.5 to 6.
  • The primary school welcomes students aged from 6 to 11.

Where to find Wi School Montholon-Paris 9th?

Fees (per year)

Admission fees

€490 for the 1st year
€360 from the 2nd year

School fees

Infant Community (before 3 years old), part-time: € 6,701
Infant Community (before 3 years old), full-time: € 8,935
Children’s House, from 3 years old: € 8,935
Primary school: €8,935

School canteen

Tray rate: €1,285
Lunch box rate: €495