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Wi School Neuilly-Levallois

Are you looking for a nursery school that motivates children to go to school to learn, assert themselves and develop their personalities?

Wi School Neuilly-Levallois is doing everything in its power to train well-educated, independent, curious and civic-minded children who are open to the world and who will become confident, happy adults able to achieve their full potential.

The educational project is centred on the children and is organised around a precise three-pronged educational approach.

Wi School Neuilly-Levallois aims to enable all students to master the fundamentals taught in pre-school.

The educational team helps every child to become independent, to acquire knowledge and skills and to strengthen these assets in a meticulous and progressive way, using appropriate tools. The programme is built around a number of key learning areas, including language, numbers, arts and crafts as well as reading, writing, and discovering the world, ect.

Children are taught in a bilingual French-English environment from an early age, with French-speaking and English-speaking teachers working together in each classroom. In today’s world of ever-increasing globalisation, learning a second language is an important asset and a good way to open up to other cultures. It is vital that children are taught a second language during the sensitive language period, that is between the ages of 1 to 6.  During that time, it can be learnt as easily as a mother tongue.

Each class is organised so that children can work as independently as possible.

The Montessori teaching materials, tailored to the needs of the child, are made available.

The educational team introduces the children to the equipment. Activities are then carried out freely and individually. As well as guiding them towards independence, the equipment also enables the children to focus their attention, helping them to settle down and structure themselves. To this end, the educational team has arranged for long periods of work. Each child can concentrate at their own pace and follow their own concentration cycle.

In the classroom, mixing age groups is an important factor. It fosters awareness and generates collaboration and mutual support. It’s a real source of stimulation for the younger children, and helps the older ones to reinforce their knowledge!

The Wi School Neuilly-Levallois mission goes beyond learning. It aims to make the school a friendly living environment that helps children gain self-confidence, gradually become independent and learn how to learn. The team wants the children to have a school where they are happy to come every morning and where their parents are happy to drop them off.

You have the opportunity to schedule an in-person appointment for a personalized tour of our campus and a face-to-face meeting with our school director. Alternatively, you can opt for a convenient video conference call with the director or an information call.  Feel free to reach out and get in touch with us!

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Fees (per year)

Admission fees

School fees

Children’s House, before 3 years old: €10,900

Children’s House, from 3 years old: € 10,400

School canteen

Tray rate: €1,190