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We work alongside you to help educate and support your children.

Who are we?

Our network and our teams are committed to a demanding educational project that meets families’ expectations.

Wi School currently operates seven schools and more than ten after school bilingual centres. We also partner another network of five schools.

Our schools are part of a network that is one of the leading providers of bilingual primary education in Paris and the Ile-de-France region.

We welcome children from Nursery to CM2 (aged from 2 to 12).

We offer a complete range of educational services, including high-quality extracurricular bilingual activities at our schools, in the evenings, on Wednesdays and during the holidays.

Today, our oldest Wi School has over 15 years of experience in educating children (it first opened its doors in 2008, in Paris).
The oldest of our partner schools has over 50 years of history (it first opened its doors in Paris in 1972).

This long experience has enabled us to support hundreds of children on their way to secondary school, particularly in international sections of public or private schools (Ecole Jeanine Manuel, EIB, l’Ermitage, etc.), IB schools, Parisian secondary schools such as l’Alsacienne and international high schools abroad.

Our aim?

We do everything we can to ensure that children are well-rounded, well-educated, self-sufficient and civic-minded, thanks to bilingual schools that inspire children to want to learn and thanks to teaching practices that are in line with parents’ expectations.


Our teaching methods?

It is based on a precise three-pronged educational approach.

Acquiring and mastering the fundamentals

Our primary mission is to enable all students to master the fundamentals and to help each child to acquire the knowledge of the school cycle.
The schools follow the curriculum set by the French Ministry of Education and are committed to academic excellence.

Practising English from a very early age

We offer bilingual French-English learning from a very early age, with two teachers (one French and one English speaker) in each classroom.
Learning a second language from an early age is a major asset for the development of children's cognitive abilities.

Building confidence and independence

Our mission is also to turn our schools into living spaces that are open to the world and where kindness prevails. Our schools help children to gain self-confidence, become independent and learn how to learn.
Organised in multi-age classes and with a high student-teacher ratio, we offer personalised teaching and individual monitoring of each student's progress.